Many talented artisans like you have a great products and want to establish a thriving business online. But for that you need expertise in multiple levels- technical knowledge analyzing big data, marketing specialist, finance, inventory and shipping management and more. Mantaro is giving a great solution for all of that and more.

Benefits of Selling Your Handmade Products on Amazon:

  • Reach hundreds of millions of Customers.
  • Get your products Fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Custom orders are easy.

Main Categories:

Your process on Amazon:

Those are the key steps of the full process of getting products into markets and making them global:


Feasibility Test & Sign-up

We will check weather you meet Amazon criteria and help you sign-up for the program.

Amazon Handmade
Amazon Handmade


Detailed action plan

We will map your E-commerce platform creation, you will get accurate stages and timetables. A plan that will explain the sequence of events starting now until creating actual worldwide sales.


Set-up a Store on Amazon:

Creating a technical infrastructure in the selected markets on Amazon - permits and advances settings.

Amazon Handmade
Amazon Handmade


Full Product Pages

We will establish your Amazon product pages - competitor analysis and search words (SEO). Inserting a search word database into the Amazon algorithm. Creating original content and creating photos in a professional photography studio, including translation services to all languages.


Storefront - for brand

We will create a complete storefront within Amazon - building and designing the store so that customers can enter your store directly. A great and powerful new fitcher for registered brands on Amazon.

Amazon Handmade
Amazon Handmade


Inventory & shipments

We will manage your product Logistics and transportation - using Amazon as a platform for a global shipping system, as well as automatic alerts for inventory renewal, which will enable automatic reception and transportation of the products.


Marketing Campaigns

Mantaro uses the most advanced and relevant marketing tools with the goal of creating wide exposure effective marketing (ACOS) and actual conversion into sale. We use verity of marketing tools customized for each client such as- PPC campaign, PROMOTIONS, coupons, INFLUENCERS campaign and more.

Amazon Handmade handcrafted