ABOUT mantaro

Gil Ben-Zeev E-Commerce expert & Co-Founder at Mantaro

Gil Ben-Zeev


Alon Yehudayoff, E-Commerce expert & Co-Founder at Mantaro

Alon Yehudayoff


Our Vision

Mantaro is a leading e-commerce company, using software as a service platform to establish thriving and fast-growing brands on Amazon.
At Mantaro, we begin our journey with a comprehensive and advanced market analysis to assist our clients in deciding which market is most suited for their products and also ensure that they pass the minimum entry barriers.

Afterwards, we utilize our advanced platform to create a fast and optimal online store.

Our professionals keep up-to-date with the most recent technological and marketing innovations; and are devoted to assisting clients in creating brands, building full product pages, creating strong SEO and implementing advanced marketing plans. We are experts in amazon PPC; and one of the best influencers in the industry.

Our services are simply outstanding and second to none; capped with competitive rates, excellent customer service, absolute attention to detail and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
We take pride in our ability to impress, satisfy and deliver beyond expectations. Simply put, we are one of the most effective and efficient e-commerce companies in Israel.

In today’s competitive business world, only the very best can remain at the top. Our services have transformed several businesses into market leaders and we’ll like to assist in sprouting your business into an unbeatable online brand.

Let us work Smart for you while you focus on the things you love!

Mantaro was founded by Alon Yehudayoff & Gil Ben-Zeev in 2016 as the solution for businesses to build a great amazon worldwide store.

Mantaro's Algorithm

Products analysis.

Our team of experts developed advanced algorithm for sourcing and analyzing products and determine their compatibility for Amazon global markets. We source data from all Amazon’s catalog and analysis the data according to our unique criteria and our e-commerce entry barriers. Which enable us to identify product with low competition (low reviews, low number of sellers, pure LQS etc.) and high demand (high sales, high amazon ranking), with stable seasonality and much more.